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When are you going to update the website? Those "photo coming soon" boxes have been there a long time.
I know! Updating my site is very time consuming and I tend to update the more popular items first.

How do you make bows?
Well now, I am not the person to ask. Yes, you would think so, but I tend to confuse people when I explain things. Just ask my husband and daughter. I have tried showing some people how to make my bows, but it did not work out. Your best bet is to go to a fabric or craft store and look for a book on how to make them. You can also check amazon.com or ebay for books.

Why don't you show items their actual size?
Hey, I thought I did! But then I got a 19" monitor instead of a 17" one and found out that the size of your monitor changes the sizes of the images, so what is "life size" on a 17" monitor is bigger on a 19" and smaller on a laptop or a 15"! Also, your screen resolution will affect the size of the image, so many people were just not seeing the bows or hardware the actual size and were surprised when they received them.

Can I get a catalog?
I'm sorry! I don't have any catalogs available. As a small business, the cost is too prohibitive, and as I constantly add colors and styles, I am not sure that a professionally made catalog is the way to go for me.

Do you use home workers?
No. I make everything myself, and if I get to the point where I need to get extra help, I will most likely hire local workers as I feel it would be difficult to work with someone long distance.

How do I know what the colors look like?
Many of the colors can be seen on the ribbon page. Newer colors may not be listed until I have time to add them to the page. Customers receive one free color chart with their first order of 5 or more *ribbon* bows, so many people will order basic colors on their first order and order the fashion colors after the receive the chart.

What's a hairclip? What's a barrette?
A hairclip is what was once called a pin curl clip. Remember the 60's? Okay, so you may not. :) I only remember it as a child, but do remember my mom using them. They squeeze down on one end and the other end then opens up into a sideways "V", like an alligator's mouth. Barrettes, which come in many sizes, open by squeezing two knobs on one end and the part that opens is hinged. There is a tension bar in the middle which can be removed (except for French barrettes) for more room. You can see them here.

Okay, what's the difference between a barrette and a French barrette?
They are pretty much the same style, but the French barrette is actually imported from France and much more expensive than the regular barrettes. Also the tension bar is not removable, so it is not an option for some bow styles.

How long will it take to get my order?
Well.... It really depends on how many orders are ahead of yours, and what styles you have ordered. Basic bows generally ship the quickest. If you are in a hurry (birthday party, wedding, etc.), please let me know and I will see if I can move up your order. The main hairbow page will have the most up-to-date ship time.

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